Where To Look For Help In A Troubled Economy

The key statement in Greg Robb’s insightful report is this: “So the tricky question is – if not the FED to the rescue, then who?” That question is more important than perhaps 98% of Americans realize. Will it be Robin Hood’s faithful company? Or the Wall Street Hood!

One can make the argument – defensible with more evidence than can be marshaled in a short space here – that the macro-political events of the past two decades are more than happenstance. The voting majority must be terrorized economically so that they will accept a global economic rescue from international financiers on terms that Americans would not accept in any environment other than complete disgust with extant politics. The goal of certain elites is to build a persistently heightened fear of financial calamity.

Voters who have built retirement plans across a working lifetime will barter the nation’s economic sovereignty before kissing off their retirement dreams. And people who have little more than social security to keep them afloat will not want to see the U.S. government default on its debt. Behold, the nation can be brought to its knees more adeptly by the terrorism of economic malfeasance – including money supply mismanagement – than by the terrorism of bomb throwing in the Middle East.

We’re guarding the back door against Islamic terrorism while leaving the front windows open to money-grinders who play the public’s now robust appetite for speculation as the means of drawing off the nation’s wealth – and sending it to leveraged hedge funds and Swiss bank accounts. And where do the hedge funds get the money to play in counterpoint to public investment patterns? From central banks worldwide.

For the last two decades the international central banking community has essentially created a counterfeit money supply that can be used to inflate financial assets or deflate them through the extraction of leverage. This occurs in service to advantaged elites who rotate their leveraged capital (collateralized with U.S. securities) from sector to sector, then take their profits by dumping the inflated paper assets on the public when the public becomes emboldened to pursue the booty through sector mutual funds, ETFs, REITS, stock options, or share ownership. This distortion of free market capitalism is bleeding the sovereignty of the nation, while babblers in the U.S. Congress carry on without a clear understanding of their failure of stewardship.

The greatest threats to liberty do not come from without but from within – right inside the manipulated central banking system and the investment banking system that leeches off it (as Thomas Jefferson predicted). The evidence surrounds us. So, what can we do? Intelligent, civically virtuous and self-restrained people must organize, not allowing the efforts of American patriots to be caricatured by the politicized segments of the media. The media likes to film the missteps of reactionaries. Some elites in the media cultivate venues for inflammatory rhetoric, for it draws in shallow thinkers who can be beguiled into facilitating the very things they oppose in principle. Just look at the Bush administration as a high profile example.

Happily, America has many judicious minds, even in the ranks of her common people. But our best powers are not activated. We must find ways to give visibility to those who can organize credible and sustainable political movements for the common good. In the meantime, we benefit by reading the work of insightful writers here at MarketWatch like Greg Robb, Rex Nutting, and Paul Farrell (in some matters). Additionally, I recommend the financial columns of Jim Jubak and Jon Markham at Moneycentral.com. Let’s think how best to use light in the fog: Ground level tactics are in order. And follow peace with all decent men.