New Book Predicts U.S. Sovereign Debt Crisis No Later Than 2020

America's False Recovery: Available for purchase now!

Political Economist Dr. Timothy Barnett has just released his latest book: America's False Recovery. The book details the reasons that apparent signs of “recovery” in the United States are unsustainable, and provides specific details that explain how America will face a crippling sovereign debt crisis no later than the year 2020. Dr. Barnett goes on to show how this loss of sovereignty will lead to a democratic plutocracy, where America is ultimately ruled by its creditors.

Professor Barnett is uniquely qualified to speak on these matters. He began his career in the early 1980's working for two Wall Street firms. Finding the morality of their businesses practices unacceptable, he entered a ten-year period of ministry, where he became a dedicated Bible scholar. Driven by his passion for moral goodness in government and society, Barnett later completed a Masters in Public Policy and a PhD in Political Science. Over the past decade Dr. Barnett has written and taught extensively on political economy and religion in politics. He is currently a professor at a Southeastern university.

Barnett combines these three areas of experience: Wall Street, Biblical scholarship, and political science together in his analysis of America's 2008-2009 financial crisis and the following pseudo-recovery period. He has compiled 85 articles as “political sermons,” written in the tradition of a Founding Era art form. Each article captures an issue at a specific point in time during the financial crisis, explains why many “corrective” decisions were disastrous, and offers the better choices that could have been made to bring about a true recovery.

America's False Recovery is a must-have for anyone interested in knowing why the financial crisis happened in the first place, why the current “recovery” cannot continue, and what will be coming in the future. In addition, specific reforms of America's financial and governmental systems are advocated throughout the work.

The faith community will appreciate the frequent references to Biblical morality, and a special appendix which links specific scriptures to each of the 85 political sermons. Believers will learn how to link what they read in the scriptures to what is happening on a macro-economic scale—teaching that is woefully absent in most churches today.

No other book on the 2008-2009 financial crisis so thoroughly examines how finance-driven government evolves into coercive democratic plutocracy. The book's unique scholarship, integrity, and research-based predictions for the future of the U.S. and the world are an invaluable resource to navigate the coming decade.