Biographical Summary of Dr. Timothy J. Barnett

Dr. Timothy Barnett
  • Four college degrees including a master’s degree in public administration from Boise State University and a doctorate in political science from the University of Kansas
  • Tenured as an Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at a Southeastern university
  • A published author on congressional politics, religion and politics, constitutional theory, market morality, political economy, federalism and other related subjects
  • A three dimensional career: Financial services (employed by two Wall Street firms in the 1980s); religious services (a decade as a pastor and church administrator); and academia (university teaching experience in Texas, Iowa, Missouri and Alabama)
  • Over one hundred expository essays published online to explain America’s financial crisis and looming risks to national economic autonomy (2008, 2009 and 2010)
  • Married with three children; a native of the Pacific Northwest
  • Well-traveled and widely read; deeply attached to God and country; intellectually honest; non-partisan

Biographical Details

Timothy Barnett is a tenured associate professor of political science and public administration at a Southeastern university. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Kansas (1998) and a Master’s Degree in public administration from Boise State University (1992). His undergraduate degree work was in marketing and theology. He is a past president of a statewide political science association (2005-2006) and a recent faculty advisor for the local chapter of a political science honor society (2004-2010). Professor Barnett has held membership in several regional and national scholarly organizations including the American Political Science Association (APSA), the Southern, Southwestern and Midwest Political Science Associations, Christians in Political Science (CPS) and the Association of Christian Economists (ACE).

Dr. Barnett’s main fields of research and writing are congressional and presidential leadership, political economy, political parties, federalism, and religion and politics. With a public policy emphasis in environmental politics at the graduate level, Professor Barnett is conversant in ecological affairs, natural resource management and conservation planning. He is theoretically informed having taught classical and modern political theory as well as federalism and intergovernmental relations. His public administration teaching has been in governmental management, nonprofit management, philanthropic leadership, and organizational behavior. Dr. Barnett has taught graduate and undergraduate college courses in Texas, Iowa and Missouri as well as Alabama. He is a native of the Pacific Northwest.

Professor Barnett has presented empirical, normative and philosophical papers at regional and national political science conferences. His recent work can be found in the Journal of Markets and Morality (2010, Volume 13:1); the Encyclopedia of The United States Constitution (2009; see Accommodation Theory, Federalism, Freedom of Religion, Wealth and the Constitution); and a study of Evangelicals’ public policy perspectives (see, “Is the Good Book Good Enough?” 2011). In 2008 Dr. Barnett published a groundbreaking essay on constitutional religious liberties, “The Limits of Free Exercise in America” (see the three-volume book set Church-State Issues in America Today, Ann W. Duncan and Steven L. Jones, editors).

In 1999 Dr. Barnett published a book entitled, “Legislative Learning: The 104th Republican Freshmen in the House.” The book evaluates the emergence of Republican Party control of the U.S. House of Representatives following forty years of Democratic Party dominance (1954-1994). Published by Francis and Taylor, a division of Routledge, the book is available at Currently, Dr. Barnett is finishing a book on America’s coming rendevous with a sovereign debt crisis. The book contains a wealth of information about the Great Recession (2008-2010) as well as insights about America’s future. The book is slated for availability at by mid-2011.

Timothy Barnett has a reputation as a caring teacher, altruistic activist and advocate of ethical business practices. He has contributed to a number of educative endeavors including the publication of a 1998 volume of early primary documents, “Colonial Origins of the American Constitution” (edited by Dr. Donald S. Lutz). Since August 2008, Dr. Barnett has posted his comments and commentaries to public forums on, using the pseudonym, “Dr. Benevolence.” The majority of Dr. Benevolence’s major Marketwatch posts are archived at

Readers interested in contacting Professor Barnett are welcome to leave a message and contact information at this website. While Dr. Barnett cannot respond to all comments or requests, he will communicate in the instances where he thinks his response could do the most good. Inquiries about speaking engagements will be considered.