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President Obama's Regulatory Reforms Don't Do Justice


President Obama's financial regulatory reforms will bring positive, meaningful changes to the way Wall Street does business. For this he should be commended. Nevertheless, the reforms fail to do enough, are not suitably instrumented, and sidestep systemic change. The reforms serve to affirm Wall Street's position, increasing the odds that Wall Street's grip over America will continue. This means more elitism and less true justice. The wealth and power gap between working Americans and the privileged elites of Manhattan Island will remain unjustifiably wide.

Challenging the Morality of Goldman Sachs


We are long overdue for a national town hall meeting on Goldman Sachs — with or without Goldman executives. Wealthy Wall Street elites take for granted a dragon-like right to trample the vast working public. Their right claim is based upon the notion that capitalism gives the massively monied the privilege of shaping financial laws. Injustice to these people means not getting their own way at the expense of nonaligned others. A national town hall is needed to challenge, overcome and replace these distortions of capitalism.

Speculation Will Not Cure What Ails Us


It is time to dismantle the central bank conspiracy. In countering the cabal, Farrell urges the reading of William Greider’s July 15 essay,“Dismantling the Temple”. Greider provides an exposition of the Fed’s calamitous financial biases and regulatory deficiencies. Furthermore, he draws attention to the bipartisan idea that the U.S.

Long-term Realities Trump Volatility


Will the U.S. government get its budget deficit under control? A great deal depends upon what the stock market does — a market that may be entering a “boar market” phase where unpredictability is the tusked creature’s game. Stock market action over the last six weeks has been predictably bullish because of the consistent investment activity of trend following systems following the March technical reversal.

Short Covering to Drive Stock Prices Higher


Will the current bounce last? Will analysts keep setting the bar low to help stocks rise? Will beating bad numbers remain the game by which stocks are priced? The future level of stock market indices cannot be predicted because the calculations that will go into future market manipulations are yet unmade.

Market Rally Will Boost Economy Until Debt Crisis Arrives


A massive amount of quantitative easing (money supply inflation) is underway in the U.S. and around the world. The Bank of England, for example, has committed 75 billion pounds ($111 billion U.S.) to purchase government bonds and corporate paper.

DJIA 10,000: The Prospect of a Large "Transient Bull"


It is not without consequence that the Fed is creating massive amounts of money for the U.S. Treasury to leverage mega-investors and hedge funds back into financial markets on the long side. Many market observers claim Geithner’s plan will work. The question should be: 'Work to what ends?'

The Insolvency of Justice in American High Finance


President Obama has given the nation hope, but is it enough? Indignation remains widespread because Wall Street has failed its public trust and politicians have yet to find ways to counter outrages with real justice. “Heads need to roll,” proclaimed Moneycentral’s Jim Jubak recently, for if we fail to punish wrongdoers we are bound to repeat this disaster (“Why the CEO salary cap is a joke,” Feb. 10).

What Might Have Been: The Real Costs of Bailouts


If the economy is weakening should we do everything in our power to get it moving again? As explained in Rex Nutting’s Feb. 22 article, “No end in sight for recession” an unprecedented amount of fiscal and monetary stimulus is being injected. What is not explained is how this beckons unprecedented inflation, heavier taxation and further weakening of the U.S. dollar.

Are U.S. Presidents Prepared to Lead Real Economic Reform?


Outgoing President Bush sat glumly on Inauguration Day as President Obama proclaimed a new era of liberty and justice for all — a proclamation that brought global acclaim and new hope to many. Sitting in the cold air Bush may have reflected on his own pledges eight years before.

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