Timothy Geithner

DJIA 10,000: The Prospect of a Large "Transient Bull"


It is not without consequence that the Fed is creating massive amounts of money for the U.S. Treasury to leverage mega-investors and hedge funds back into financial markets on the long side. Many market observers claim Geithner’s plan will work. The question should be: 'Work to what ends?'

Must We Further Enable Financial Elites?


Now we know why no one but the tax-flawed Timothy Geithner would do as the new Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. Ronald Orol’s report contains clues supportive of some observers’ contention that Mr. Geithner is under the influence of power hungry elites. Mr. Geithner’s proposal comes with the same directive as Paulson’s 2008 TARP proposal: We have to act without delay or be sucked into a black hole of collapsing banks and unemployment.

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