After Bailing Out AIG, Who Will Bail Out the U.S.?


There is a lot we don't know yet about the FED's 79.9% stake in AIG. But we do know that the FED's rescue of AIG has enormous implications. Allegedly, AIG wrote nearly a half trillion dollars of credit derivative insurance on the viability of businesses throughout the world. We need to understand how far this ownership goes beyond symbolism and bridge financing. The U.S. taxpayer may be assuming a big chunk of liability for world commerce, and in the face of a credit contraction that will bring down global businesses.

Where To Look For Help In A Troubled Economy

The key statement in Greg Robb’s insightful report is this: “So the tricky question is – if not the FED to the rescue, then who?” That question is more important than perhaps 98% of Americans realize. Will it be Robin Hood’s faithful company? Or the Wall Street Hood!

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