Will Bailouts Cost Americans Their Republic?


It has been left to Federal Reserve economists and U.S. Treasury officials to destroy the American system through bailouts spun as anti-recessionary initiatives. What is a severe recession anyway but a well-deserved day of reckoning for financial excess? What is so wrong about the nation taking its needed medicine after a speculative binge?

The New American Dream: Getting Our Country Back!


David Weidner says that the 2008 crash has Americans wanting to loot Wall Street castles since Wall Street looted their homes. The good news is that Weidner counts himself among those who are angry with Wall Street. The bad news that he reads too much “revenge” into the public mind and not enough respect for the sanctity of real justice.

Is California Truly Too Big to Fail?


If California is too big to let fail, then so is every other state in the Union, since state equality in the Senate is a constitutional construct. If the California governor deserves success in lobbying the U.S. Treasury, then the federal government might as well bail every state (and every state-dependent municipality). This trend — already underway in the financial sector — will lead to the anarchical destruction of justice. When people realize that any hope of economic justice is lost, the American experiment with “free democracy” will die.

Lessons from Russia on Plutocracy


The investing public needs to make sense of the fast changes underway in the U.S. economy. One useful means of untangling current events is to compare the Russian experience with our unfolding situation. The comparison illustrates the likely fate of both countries.

Should We Ask Oprah To Rescue The Economy?

Point well made, friend! If foreign investors lose confidence in the dollar, then the U.S. government must look elsewhere to fund the continuous rollover in treasury bills, notes and bonds. Eventually, deep pockets will be needed if the government is to meet its Social Security obligations (a prospect within ten years). But it will take much bigger money than Oprah can marshal to pull off this bailout. Anyway, the really big money is out of the public’s sight, not tracked by Forbes.

Where To Look For Help In A Troubled Economy

The key statement in Greg Robb’s insightful report is this: “So the tricky question is – if not the FED to the rescue, then who?” That question is more important than perhaps 98% of Americans realize. Will it be Robin Hood’s faithful company? Or the Wall Street Hood!

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