Federal Reserve

Mark-To-Market Clarifications And Other Improvements

There has been a terrible amount of crookedness, and financial institutions should not be let off the hook. Let them live miserably with their bad loans and hold their damaged securities to maturity, thus crimping their ability to grow their businesses (as transparency requirements deter new clientele). Let new competition rise in their place. Don’t let these institutions use Chapter 11 blackmail as a means of off-loading their junk into “bad bank”surrogates or the balance sheets of taxpayers.

How Much Inflation Is There, Really?

Why is U.S. monetary policy continually burdened by economic fallacies? Supposedly, ‘real inflation’, is not a threat as long as wage inflation does not create an inflationary spiral (feedback loop). Nonsense. Irwin Kellner, Marketwatch Chief Economist, correctly argues that it is later than most people think because U.S. inflation has found drivers independent of U.S. wages.

Where To Look For Help In A Troubled Economy

The key statement in Greg Robb’s insightful report is this: “So the tricky question is – if not the FED to the rescue, then who?” That question is more important than perhaps 98% of Americans realize. Will it be Robin Hood’s faithful company? Or the Wall Street Hood!

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