David Walker

The Obama Administration: Is it Bush III?


David Weidner says that J.P. Morgan’s Dimon will be the Obama camp’s first choice for the next Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. Does America really need another Wall Street C.E.O. as Treasury Secretary? What more does it take than the Paulson experience to help voters see the consequences of putting a Wall Street elite in charge of the nation’s money?

Does Joseph's Life Have Anything To Teach Us?

Do you want a darn good money story on this historic Wall Street day? I’ve got one. But first, a disclaimer. I’m no fan of mindless religion. The church world is sick, like Wall Street. And the Bible gets twisted regularly by Church Street moguls. Nevertheless, whether one thinks the Bible is God-inspired, silly myth or a thing of mystery, there are a few capitalism stories in the book that say a lot by analogy. So, let's see what we can do with the story of Joseph. Remember, the smart guy in the upscale suit?

McCain Could Have Helped Economy Decades Ago

Since when did Senator John McCain get religion on regulating the American financial industry? Oh, I forgot: He had a ‘born again regulatory experience’ when his handlers showed him polling data on how he could help his Oval Office ambitions.

Does Senator McCain think he can top Ronald Reagan's legacy as the ‘Great Communicator’ by recasting himself as the ‘Great Regulator’? Does he think that the free market fleece of a sheep can be dyed to make him look like the Big Bad Wolf of Wall Street regulation?

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