America's False Recovery on JSU Today, with Dr. Timothy Barnett (Video)

Dr. Tim Barnett discussed his book, "America's False Recovery" as the "Person of the Week" on JSU Today. This short video provides a good overview to the contents of the book and a great opportunity to see Dr. Barnett discuss the material.

Dr. Barnett On Live Radio Interview

An interview with Dr. Barnett on the subject of America's False Recovery will be aired on Trinity Baptist Ministries “Front Porch Fellowship” program on Thursday, December 8th, 2011 at 12:05pm Central Time. Available stations include:

  • WTJB 91.3 FM Oxford, AL
  • WTBB 89.9 FM Gadsden, AL

New Book Predicts U.S. Sovereign Debt Crisis No Later Than 2020

America's False Recovery: Available for purchase now!

Political Economist Dr. Timothy Barnett has just released his latest book: America's False Recovery. The book details the reasons that apparent signs of “recovery” in the United States are unsustainable, and provides specific details that explain how America will face a crippling sovereign debt crisis no later than the year 2020. Dr. Barnett goes on to show how this loss of sovereignty will lead to a democratic plutocracy, where America is ultimately ruled by its creditors.

Conservatives Misunderstand Occupy Wall Street

Many conservative writers and speakers are categorizing the Occupy Wall Street movement into a right vs. left, liberal vs. conservative issue. For example, Aaron Biebert at the writes in an open letter to the #ows protestors:

H-P's New Corporate Strategy Misguided

Dr. B. comments on H-P's recent decisions on

H-P’s unfolding strategy reflects how America’s evolved capitalism misguides our corporate conduct. Management at H-P feels compelled to chase faster profit growth to enhance share price appreciation for investors and stock gains for executives. This madness springs from a stock market architecture that blesses growth, regardless of the cost, while penalizing responsible service to the common good.

GDP Growth Doesn't Mean We're On The Right Road

Dr. B. Posted this on Marketwatch last week:

America's recent GDP growth reflects population growth, the resurgence of the financial sector (speculation), the impact of QE2, the growth of national debt, and "real inflation" in services (meaning the same prices in many cases but reduced quality, thus necessitating the creation of "remedial" and supplemental service work that adds to GDP, but not constructively). These are not indicators of societal progress. GDP growth in these circumstances reflects how far astray we're going from a sustainable model and from real justice. Its nothing to celebrate unless one wishes to applaud the increased concentration of power in the hands of elites.

Egypt's message to America: Big Changes Come Unexpectedly

Can a government fall after just three weeks of protests? People who were ignored when they predicted these things even a year ago look really wise today. While the future of Egypt is very uncertain, dramatic and unexpected changes have arrived.

FCIC Report: A Cruel Irony

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission recently published its findings in a 500+ report published on the FCIC web site. On the homepage, the authors summarize their conclusions like so:

The Commission concluded that this crisis was avoidable—the result of human actions, inactions, and misjudgments. Warnings were ignored. “The greatest tragedy would be to accept the refrain that no one could have seen this coming and thus nothing could have been done. If we accept this notion, it will happen again.”

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