February 2010

How To Invest as the Sovereign Debt Shadow Lengthens


Is there a global debt bomb waiting to be detonated? If so, will it create rampant anarchy in America? Maybe in Great Britain, too? Does an apocalyptic world await? Is the coming world worth fighting for? Increasingly, people believe these questions are worth exploring, evidenced by the size and nature of audiences generated by writers like Marketwatch’s Paul Farrell.

Waiting for Wall Street's Confession of Immorality


Wall Street could learn a few things from the Tiger Woods apology on February 19. Wood’s detailed apology is an important step toward a gradual rehabilitation of his image. Nevertheless, the healing will not be easy. Nor should it be. People who commit grand larceny — maritally or financially — should expect penalties. Woods faces the prison of public opinion as well as the loss of endorsement revenue. He stole a lot from his wife, kids and supporters. He is deserving of his reward.