October 2009

Reasons for Optimism in the Long Haul


Has America lost its soul? Is America too immoral and shortsighted to allow prudent capitalism to work properly? (Yes.) Is the Canadian hedge fund manager, Erick Sprott correct that the U.S. government is now a “dead man walking,” with central bank intervention the main dynamic that allows the U.S. Treasury to roll over government debt at low interest rates? (Marketwatch, Oct. 20, 2009).

What Does The Return Of Dow 10,000 Really Mean?


It pays to look at where we’ve been if we’re to understand where we’re going. The U.S. stock market bottomed in the first week of March 2009, beginning a vigorous bounce in the month’s second week. By late March a breeching of the midterm downtrend line suggested significant changes in store. Nevertheless, most members of the general public thought the March rally was nothing more than a dead cat bounce.

Special Interests Infect Health Care Reform


National expenditures on health care as a percentage of GDP and as an outright expense will rise with the reforms President Obama signs into law. Choices will decline and coercion will climb as bureaucrats struggle to contain soaring costs. As pending health care reforms swell our medical expenditures bubble, the nation’s slide will accelerate.