August 2008

How Much Inflation Is There, Really?

Why is U.S. monetary policy continually burdened by economic fallacies? Supposedly, ‘real inflation’, is not a threat as long as wage inflation does not create an inflationary spiral (feedback loop). Nonsense. Irwin Kellner, Marketwatch Chief Economist, correctly argues that it is later than most people think because U.S. inflation has found drivers independent of U.S. wages.

Should We Ask Oprah To Rescue The Economy?

Point well made, friend! If foreign investors lose confidence in the dollar, then the U.S. government must look elsewhere to fund the continuous rollover in treasury bills, notes and bonds. Eventually, deep pockets will be needed if the government is to meet its Social Security obligations (a prospect within ten years). But it will take much bigger money than Oprah can marshal to pull off this bailout. Anyway, the really big money is out of the public’s sight, not tracked by Forbes.

Where To Look For Help In A Troubled Economy

The key statement in Greg Robb’s insightful report is this: “So the tricky question is – if not the FED to the rescue, then who?” That question is more important than perhaps 98% of Americans realize. Will it be Robin Hood’s faithful company? Or the Wall Street Hood!